ReVive your body with ReFive from Lifepharm Global

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ReVive your body with REFIVE

REFIVE is part of LifePharm's daily Stem Cell Regeneration
powerhouse pack featuring 2 LAMININE, 1 OMEGA+++,
1 DIGESTIVE+++, and 1 IMMUNE+++ to support DNA repair in your
stem cells while optimizing your circulatory, digestive and immune system

Each REFIVE packet contains:

  2 LAMININE support cellular health

1 OMEGA+++ supports seamless circulation

  1 DIGESTIVE+++ supports peak digestive performance

  1 IMMUNE+++ supports total wellness protection


  • Supports stem cells and telomere lengthening for healthy aging.*

  • Bio-factors help reduce stress and improve sleep.*

  • Provides optimal blood flow to your brain, heart and other organs.*

  • Speeds up muscle recovery after exercise.*

  • Balances microflora for a well-functioning intestinal tract and healthy colon.*

  • Digestive enzymes for optimal nutrient assimilation.*

  • Helps white blood cells fight off viruses and bacteria.*

  • Supports maintaining healthy blood sugar levels (monitored always by your physician).*

  • Alleviates discomfort from joint stiffness and soreness.*

  • Improves skin's appearance.*

Our sealed packets are moisture-proof to maintain freshness and efficacy for convenient daily intake. This is a hassle-free way to have all your daily supplements in one place for optimal nutrition.

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