LPGN Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream
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Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream:
Your Ally in Com-batting Degenerative Disorders

lifepharm global cellnergy wellness power cream

As the world's first topical solution for degenerative disorders, is designed to fight against joint pains and give you relaxation.

cellnergy wellness power cream

cellnergy wellness power cream

This self-heating cream is designed to help provide quick relief to joint discomfort.
The Cellnergy Power Cream is a revolutionary step in wellness care.

cellnergy wellness power cream

Cellnergy Power Cream Overview

The Cellnergy Power Cream aims to approach degenerative disorders in a revolutionary way. Degenerative disorder occurs when the body's organs or tissues progressively deteriorate in function or structure over time. In the context of joint discomfort, this means that the natural cartilage repair mechanisms, such as stem cells, become insufficient to maintain joint health. Unfortunately, this means the body's stem cells can no longer heal your cartilage.
As these disorders advance, they can greatly affect a person's quality of life by causing increased pain and limited mobility.


The Cellnergy Power Cream contains a unique proprietary blend of ingredients designed to re-activate stem cells. The cream contains our ThermalWave technology, which is a combination of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients - containing a natural sensory agent and healing infrared energy.

According to Tsagkaris et al. (2022), the infrared energy used in the Cellnergy Power Cream is a safe and effective therapy for relieving joint discomfort. At LifePharm, we put a heavy focus on ensuring our products are safe through our commitment to thorough testing and quality control measures to ensure that every product we offer meets the highest standards.

According to Vatansever, Fatma, Hamblin (2012), infrared energy also helps to stimulate blood flow and improve cellular activity - which can help the Bio-Active Growth Factors get to work. This highlights the potential of infrared energy not only to stimulate blood flow and improve cellular activity but also to offer promising avenues for managing degenerative disorders, further emphasizing the versatility and efficacy in promoting overall wellness.

The Cellnergy Power Cream is packed with a Powerful Joint Support Blend to help combat against degenerative disorders. This includes hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, ceramides glycolic and lactic acids, arnica, and hemp. This unique joint support blend aids in maintaining stem cells to support healthy cartilage, bolsters natural collagen production to help restore cartilage, helps joints to stay lubricated and supports relieving joint aches.

cellnergy wellness power cream

What Makes the Cellnergy Power Cream Different

As degenerative disorders affect many across the globe, there have been multiple ways of trying to help resolve them.

According to Chubinskaya et al. (2015), the most common solutions are glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, pain killers and pain relief creams and they will provide relief temporarily, can interact with medication and may contain unpleasant smells. Unfortunately, these solutions do not get to the root cause of the problem and only offer short relief for those suffering from degenerative disorders. The smell of menthol found in the pain relief creams may be unpleasant and too strong for those using them.

While glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric, pain killers, and pain relief creams offer temporary relief, their limitations underscore the urgent need for more comprehensive treatments. However, through our innovation, the Cellnergy Power Cream aims to revolutionize the landscape by providing a holistic approach to managing these conditions. Unlike traditional remedies, the Cellnergy Power Cream targets the underlying mechanisms of degenerative disorders, by focusing on the root cause and promoting stem cell activation.

By harnessing the power of advanced technologies and natural ingredients, this groundbreaking solution aims to transform the lives of individuals suffering from degenerative disorders. With its unique formulation and targeted approach, the Cellnergy Power Cream represents a beacon of hope in the quest for effective and sustainable treatments for these debilitating conditions.

cellnergy wellness power cream

cellnergy wellness power cream

For even better results, use our revolutionary Power Cream alongside
Cellnergy Wellness Device and LAMININE.

This comprehensive approach not only addresses the immediate symptoms of joint discomfort but also fosters long-term joint health and mobility. With its multifaceted benefits, the Cellnergy Power Cream is poised to revolutionize the way individuals manage degenerative disorders and reclaim their vitality. Our mission is to revolutionize the landscape of degenerative disorder solutions by offering a groundbreaking approach with the Cellnergy Power Cream, providing a solution that empowers individuals to live their lives to the fullest.

Pioneering a breakthrough formula unlike anything seen before, the Cellnergy Power Cream is not just another cream; it's a testament to our thorough research, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

After countless hours of meticulous formulation and rigorous testing, we are thrilled to unveil this first-of-its-kind product to the world.

Personal Experiences with Cellnergy Power Cream

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
LPGN is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of LPGN but peoples personal experiences. 

Goodbye Pain
For several years my wife has suffered with nephropathy in her legs and feet.  
We have tried various medical professional services with high cost, but little results.
When CELLNERGY from LIFPHARM became available, I said let's try it.
The results were AMAZING.  Within 15 minutes the pain was gone.
This is not a cure, but it offers welcome relief.
TRY IT - Rudy C

My back was hurting for a few days and I was having trouble walking. My son told me about this special Cellnergy Wellness Power Cream product that just came out. I applied the cream to my lower back and within an hour the pain went away. If you don't try this cream  out, you will never know how great of a product it really is. - Adam M.

Adrian my brother I give thanks and praise to almighty God for you, I can't thank him enough for putting you in my life as such a time as this. I received the CELLNERGY BODY CARE POWER CREAM last night.

And I used it and for the first time ever my achy joint pain was gone instantly and I used my CELLNERGY WELLNESS (RLT) and I was sleeping like a baby.

Those other muscle rub's I could not use because of the menthol I found other ones with no menthol in it but nothing like this amazing product CELLNERGY BODY CARE CREAM.

I'm so very grateful to God for restoring my health life and now my finances. By faith I believe that God put you and I together for a reason and that is to be a blessing to others for his kingdom. God bless you and LPGN for these miraculous products. - Melvin M.

Have had problems with joint pain in my knee ever since I tore a ligament in my knee in 1979. Have tried other topical applications with some relief but the gels would stain my pants.

In April 2024, I got a small tube of this amazing product CELLNERGY BODY CARE CREAM. The cream is absorbed into your skin and leaves no trace or stain on your clothes. The cream heats up your skin within a minute. When you use the Cellnergy Red Light TeraHertz device on the area you have pain, I am able to walk around with only a fraction of the pain that I am used to dealing with for years.

This amazing product CELLNERGY BODY CARE CREAM even helps me be able to do some exercises which we all know is so important for all ages.
Thanks Adrian for sharing the Life Pharm company with me. - Daniel P.

Was hearing all the results from others I decided to give it a try as well.

Was outside doing some yard work around the house, something I have to do yearly and obviously not enough. As I am sitting behind the computer and not moving  much. Next day after all this work had extreme pain below my knees from getting up and down movements (squats).

After two days of pain I decided to use the CELLNERGY BODY CARE POWER CREAM, I used it on my legs below the knees about 20 minutes later I am saying to myself this cream is amazing because I had no more pain. I will tell anyone I hear that is suffering with pain, you need try the CELLNERGY POWER CREAM it may be a blessing for you too. - Adrian M.

Testimonies are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
LPGN is not responsible for any of these testimonies.
These testimonies are not the opinion of LPGN but peoples personal experiences. 

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